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Witch's Mark

Emily Grace and Megan have had enough. Their atheist nemesis, Samantha, has graduated from unrelenting verbal abuse to serious pranks. Sam and her boyfriend, Kyle, come within a foot of running down Em and her boyfriend, Josh, in the high school parking lot. An hour before the senior class trip, Sam and her gothic posse trash vehicles belonging to Em, Megan, and Josh. Megan has to be physically restrained as Sam and Kyle board the tour bus to Boston.


On a tour of the home of Rebecca Nurse in Danvers, Massachusetts—one of the accused witches hung during the Salem Witch Trials—Kyle sucker punches Josh. It is game on as Josh retaliates, pummeling Kyle into the ground. Megan and Em watch in shock from the second floor of the homestead. As Em turns to run downstairs to Josh, vertigo hits with a vengeance, and she passes out.


Sent on a journey back through time, Em is shocked to discover Megan has gone back with her. But that shock is nothing compared to her stunned disbelief at finding Sam unconscious at the bottom of the staircase.


In The Witch’s Mark, Em, Megan, and Sam discover they have travelled back to 1692 during the time of the Salem Witch Trials. Can the girls overcome their prejudices and work together to survive? Find out as one girl is accused of theft and two are accused as witches. Will all three make it back to their time?