Sarah Norkus has created a fine work of science fiction / fantasy about a young girl who has lost her faith in God. But God doesn't ignore her - God sends Emily Grace back in time to right a wrong committed in 1865. I challenge anyone to come up with a more original plot. As a writing coach myself, I look for the right patterns in story lines. Sarah Norkus has honed her talent over the last few years with her two memoirs and has finally nailed the fiction narrative. I heartily recommend this story for mid-agers (10-12) and young adults. Even at the age of 49 I found the story engaging and had to hold back a tear when the story ended. As Emily might have said, Cool!  -Greg

This book is meant for teens, but is great for any age. A great story and informational as well. Brought tears at the end. - ginny

What a fun read! I was enthralled as I was transported back into the challenging times of the Civil War. I'm not ready to give up today's conveniences, but it was fun to learn much of what daily life was like in earlier times. And I couldn't wait to find out how the suspense would end. The characters are very likable and I was not ready to give them up at the end of this story. I hope there is a sequel in the works! - Nancy Ann

This was a very very good book with lots of history and suspense. You can't wait to get to the end of the book. It's for every age group and not too long. - Angela Wicks Coombs

I love young adult literature as a break from the tedium of being a grown up,so I was doubly happy that her writing enabled me to set aside my penchant for historic detail and completely enjoy her descriptions/comparisons of 19th and 20th century clothing, manners, and home life. This one has been added to my "Hey! You need to read this" list and I can see a few copies going out as Christmas gifts. - Liz

This book held my interest the minute I began reading it. Both teens and adults will enjoy this great quick read, for a little me time.
Having grown up in the historical cities of Petersburg and Colonial Heights VA, where this story is set, made the book even more fascinating. Sarah moves the reader effortlessly between the year 2008 and the Civil War era. This is the third book for the author and I can't wait for the fourth. - Mary Deans